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Electrical Vehicles

Whilst not for everyone yet, eventually you will not be able to purchase (New) petrol or diesel powered vehicles. Choosing an electric vehicle can help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint and to give more information about this we are sharing information from Energy Saving Trust who advise on educating and assisting individuals and companies to reduce and ultimately help sustain low carbon lifestyles.

Electric vehicles are an increasingly attractive option, due to their lower running costs, the expanding choice of models available and intensifying concerns about air quality and climate change.
This short video will explain what electric vehicles are and the benefits of driving one instead of a petrol or diesel equivalent.

If you already own an electric vehicle or are thinking about purchasing one and need a charging point installed, then please do get in touch with SWES Ltd (South West Electrotechnical Services Ltd.
OLEV Grant available currently at £350 – maximum of 2 per household and
There is also plug-in vehicle grant which provides up to a maximum of £3,000 provided the car has CO2 emissions of less than 50g/km and can travel at least 112km (70 miles) without any emissions at all, 20% of the cost of a van, up to a maximum of £8,000
and 20% of the cost of a motorcycle, up to a maximum of £1,500.

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