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Proud Sponsor of Promising Female Footballer

This football season 2021-22, SWES Ltd were approached by a local teenager, Rosie Shipp to see if we would sponsor her as she continues her footballing journey with Plymouth Argyle and beyond. Read more

Cable Greening – “Green Goo”

Green Goo… Cable Greening… You may or may not have heard of this before but it is an unfortunate phenomena surrounding cabling and materials that can be found throughout homes that were constructed or rewired between 1965 and 1971. Read more

Electrical Circuit Overload Prevention, Problems & Advice

Electrical Circuit Overload is exceeding the rated load for the circuit wiring causes the circuit breaker to trip, shutting off the power to the entire electrical circuit. Read more

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)

What is an MVHR System And How Does It Work?

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) is a ventilation system that comprises of a suitably sized heat recovery unit and a network of ducting connected to each room, used to remove moisture and stale air from your property, whilst at the same time introducing fresh, clean and filtered air back into your home via a heat exchange unit. Read more

Choosing A Registered Electrician

Choosing A Registered ElectricianMany people consider visible things like TV’s, Beds, Sofa, Cooker, Games Consoles and other gadgets and furnishings to be the most important things in our homes, and overlook the other vital components that are not always, or even visible. Read more

What is a PIV System and How Does it Work?

What is a PIV System and How Does it Work?
Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) systems are a popular and one of the most cost effective whole-house ventilation solutions for existing dwellings. Read more

What is an EICR Report?

Who Needs One And Why, And How Much Do They Cost?

An EICR is an Electrical Installation Condition Report and is a formal document that is produced following an assessment of the electrical installations within a property. Read more

Meet Jack! – Apprenticeships and their Importance

What is an apprentice? It is someone learning how to do a specialized job with “on the job” training and development under the guidance of an experienced work colleague. Read more

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